A nice brew install bash-snippets


What a usefull utility it has many options here is mine :

brew install bash-snippets --without-all-tools --with-todo --with-siteciphers --with-crypt --with-cryptocurrency --with-currency --with-geo --with-movies

todo -h

Description: A simplistic commandline todo list.

Usage: todo [flags] or todo [flags] [arguments]
-c Clear all the current tasks
-r Remove the following task number
-g Get the current tasks
-a Add the following task

todo -a My very first task
todo -r 1
todo -g
todo -c

crypt -h

Description: A wrapper around openssl that facilitates encrypting and decrypting files.

Usage: crypt [flag] [inputFile] [outputFile]
-e Encrypt the inputFile and store it in the outputFile
-d Decrypt the inputFile and store it in the outputFile

crypt -e mySecretFile.txt myEncryptedFile.jpg (change filetype so default program is incorrect)
crypt -d myEncryptedFile.jpg thisIsNowDecrypted.txt (change filetype back so now default program is correct)

cryptocurrency -h

Description: A realtime cryptocurrency converter.
With no flags it will guide you through the cryptocurrency exchange

Usage: cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency [flag] or cryptocurrency [base] [exchangeTo] [amount]

Supported Base Currencies:

| BTC | ETH | XRP | LTC |

Supported Target Currencies:

| AUD | BRL | CAD | CHF |
| CNY | EUR | GBP | HKD |
| IDR | INR | JPY | KRW |
| MXN | RUB | USD |

cryptocurrency BTC USD 12.35

currency -h

Description: A realtime currency converter.
With no flags it will guide you through the currency exchange

Usage: currency or currency [flag] or currency [base] [exchangeTo] [amount]

Supported Currencies:

| AUD | BGN | BRL | CAD |
| CHF | CNY | CZK | DKK |
| EUR | GBP | HKD | HRK |
| HUF | IDR | ILS | INR |
| JPY | KRW | MXN | MYR |
| NOK | NZD | PHP | PLN |
| RON | RUB | SEK | SGD |
| THB | TRY | USD | ZAR |

currency EUR USD 12.35

geo -h
Description: Provides quick access for wan, lan, router, dns, mac, and ip geolocation data

Usage: geo [flag]
-w Returns WAN IP
-l Returns LAN IP(s)
-r Returns Router IP
-d Returns DNS Nameserver
-m Returns MAC address for interface. Ex. eth0
-g Returns Current IP Geodata

geo -g
geo -wlrdgm eth0
Custom Geo Output => [all] [query] [city] [region] [country] [zip] [isp]
Example: geo -a -o city,zip,isp
-o [options] Returns Specific Geodata
-a [address] For specific IP in -s

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